Bitgo Wallet Review: The Best Multi-Sig wallet Around?


Bitgo is a digital asset trust company. Bitgo Wallet allows its clients to trade, transfer, and store digital assets through their digital wallet services.

Bitgo Wallet’s ideal customers are institutional investors that are looking for a safe way to store their digital assets with a third party. Their services range from Custodial management, Prime services, Portfolio tools, and access to their SDK.

If you’re not looking to manage your own digital assets then Bitgo Wallet may potentially be a solid consideration because the Bitgo Wallet is a multisig HD wallet, which allows for access in over 50 countries and also they spread the risk management of your private keys by holding one version of your private keys and providing you with two additional to hold personally.

If this doesn’t make much sense to you now…not to worry! We will walk through what this means in this review.

BitGo Wallet Supported Coins & Platform Integrations

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Supported Coins

Bitgo Wallet covers a majority of the large-cap coins in their custody. This means that you can allow them to manage your coins such as, but not limiting to:

BTC, BCH, BTG, WBTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, DASH, XLM, EOS, ZEC, and all ERC20 tokens available

Since they allow you to have over 100+ digital assets on their platform, this really gives you the ability to have a varied amount of your portfolio under their management without needing to spread yourself onto many different locations.

Platform Integrations

Bitgo Portfolio Tools has allowed its clients to connect their entire digital asset portfolio from the most popular exchanges, blockchain wallets, and service providers all into Bitgo Wallet.

This feature is something that we are looking forward to its development because it allows you to still take a solid overview of your digital asset portfolio without needing to update it yourself and truly allows a handoff analysis of your asset portfolio.

With this feature, you can connect to exchanges like Binance, Bitsamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Kucoin to name a few. Even your hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor allow you the ability to connect and view your entire portfolio on BitGo Wallet’s platform.

This could very easily be a great win scenario for your assets under management with Bitgo along with your assets spanning the entire ledger universe.

BitGo Wallet Price

Bitgo is free to use at this time. Only fees that you will incur with the Pay As You Go are the withdrawal fees mentioned previously. This is good to hear since you can try your hand at testing this service to see if it fits your requirements in a custodial managed solution for your digital assets.

BitGo Wallet Fees and Limits

Bitgo has 3 different products in their Custody solution line and contact & fee structures for each of these products.

  1. Bitgo Custody – Their more premium custodial wallet that requires a minimum of USD 1 million assets under contract to have access to this wallet. Bitgo Custody also provides cold storage and hot wallet access via the web and API.
    • 24/7 global customer support with access to this wallet

  2. Bitgo Business Wallet – This wallet is an institutional-grade, multi-signature, multi-coin transactional wallet that requires a minimum $1 million monthly transaction volume to have access to this wallet. Fees are highly dependent on the volume that is associated with each account.

    • 24/7 global customer support with access to this wallet

  3. Bitgo Pay As You Go – If you don’t have $1 million of digital assets to manage under Bitgo then this wallet may be better suited due to no contract being required. However, due to this, there is a limit on the coin support.

    • BTC, BCH, BTG, BSV, LTC, ZEC, XLM, and DASH support only.

    • Every withdrawal will have a 0.25% per withdrawal fee and 1% for BTG and BSV

    • Email support will be the only support you can expect with this service

BitGo Wallet Features

bitgo wallet safe

Is BitGo Wallet Safe?

Bitgo prides itself on securing your keys locally in deep cold storage. This sort of service is positive to hear as it is quite important to protect your assets away from the internet and everything that lives there.

They work along with the premise that meets regulatory requirements for nearly any firm in a jurisdiction that has very detailed security needs for managing assets.

To go deeper into their features, we will review their overall product security measures, design, and overall client-side usability:


Bitgo’s Air-Gapped Cold Storage Solution is engineered to allow their clients to ensure both of their keys and back-up keys are generated and fully controlled in-country. For instance, holding your assets with Bitgo would involve 3 separate keys involved in this process: a Client Key, Bitgo Key, and Backup Key.

The Client key is generated and stored by the client and will be used to initiate all interactions between the client and Bitgo.

The Bitgo key is generated and stored by Bitgo online. This key is simply used to co-sign all transactions only after policy controls have been met.

The Backup key is the only key that is developed and stored offline by the client in the case of disaster recovery. This process is managed 100% by the client and allows the client to do so under their supervision and secure location.

All of these security measures would be wasted without any confirmed security certifications. Bitgo Wallet has successfully achieved a SOC 2 Type 2 audit for its hot wallet platform and also they provide Key Recovery Service (KRS) Insurance for self-custody keys through a third-party provider.

  • 2FA Methods

  • Key Encryption

Design & Usability

Bitgo For Institutional Investors

The design and usability of the Bitgo Wallet have allowed them to provide a premier solution for institutional and private clients alike. They have calibrated their product to allow smooth security and usability with their deposits and withdrawal system.

Assets under Bitgo Wallet have the ability to move between cold, warm, and hot wallets. Along with this, the control measures and features for the digital assets transferred are regulated with multiple approvals, whitelisting addresses for sending, spend limits creation per approver, and controlled limits on token velocity.

This multi-signature technology solution that Bitgo Wallet touts as the pioneer eliminates any single point of failure risk that traditionally are associated with single-key systems.

  • Anonymity

  • Private Blockchains

  • Instant and Quick Transactions

Bitgo Wallet Differentiators

Bitgo is building up its value proposition by providing additional services and products that will surely set itself apart from others in the Bitcoin Custodial Services industry with the development of its Prime Services.

Bitgo is providing institutional investors the chance to access their Bitgo Cold Storage to trade, lend, and settle any deals securely. Plus all of this will be tracked thoroughly to make it incredibly easy for recognizing ROI, plan and validate forecasts, and taxes. Yay!

Prime Services

Bitgo Prime Trading

Bitgo Cold Storage trading platform allows the client to have access to liquidity by connecting to liquidity venues and trading directly and anonymously from the cold storage.

This allows the client to never risk the security of their digital assets on any platform and have access to other liquid pools to facilitate trading.

Bitgo doesn’t act as an exchange or broker with these trading deals but is simply sourcing and securing liquidity to make trades.

Bitgo Prime Lending

Bitgo’s Prime Lending platform allows the client to use Bitgo’s collateralized leverage to invest in additional digital assets through Bitgo.

With Bitgo as a trusted intermediary, you’ll be able to have access to their on-staff dedicated risk managers to provide a consultative approach to evaluating market risk and exposure.

Our Real Review of BitGo Wallet

BitGo is definitely the real deal when it comes to having a wallet with a third-party. They have provided a great solution when it comes to storing your digital currencies with ultimate security measures in place and ease of use when looking to use it in your own personal or business life.

If you’re interested in learning more about BitGo wallet, check it out below!