ELLIPAL Review – Major Things to know before you buy?

The ELLIPAL Titan is one of several hardware wallets to come out in recent years. Titan being a predecessor to the ELLIPAL wallet, what makes the Titan different is the upgraded look and feel. Improving elements like the UI and introducing a fully metal sealed body. 

In this review, we will unpack what the ELLIPAL Titan has to offer.

ELLIPAL Titan Background 

ELLIPAL was founded in 2017 by Tong Chen and David Tian. Tong and David focused on creating a device that can secure cryptocurrency in a convenient manner.

Rather than depending on traditional forms of online storage, where users’ Bitcoin holdings can be subjected to hacks.  

The company is based in Hong Kong and introduces a suitable way for users looking to secure their digital assets offline. 

ELLIPAL’s first-generation cold wallets were released in 2018 with the help of crowdfunding site Indiegogo. 

The initial campaign raised just over 55k to help the project team scale ELLIPAL to a much broader audience. The first-gen wallet felt at times like an old model android phone. Sporting a round and plastic body type. 

ELLIPAL’s newest cold wallet, the “ELLIPAL Titan” is an upgrade in both look and feel. Sporting a fully metal sealed and air-gapped body. The key advantage of hardware wallets such as ELLIPAL Titan is its usability, multiple coin support, and added security.

Highlights & Features 

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Ellipal Screenshots. Image via Ellipal Website

ELLIPAL Titan is completely network isolated – The device has an air-gapped seal with no components or ports. Which means it can never be connected to other networks. Ultimately protecting the ELLIPAL from a number of remote and online attacks. 

Anti-Tamper – The ELLIPAL Titan is rated IP65 for intrusion from water and dust. Its durability is matched by a full-body metal case to ELLIPAL resistant to potential drops and falls. Any force intrusion leaves permanent damage which can help signify device tampering. If tampering or a breach is detected private data is automatically deleted. 

QR codes only – The only way to connect this wallet to the outside world is through ELLIPAL Titan QR code system.  Users can use Titan’s onboard camera to scan QR codes on ELLIPAL’s mobile app. The app is a companion to the ELLIPAL Titan and can be found on iOS and Android.  Transactions are signed and verified securely via QR codes. Users can import private keys or accounts from other wallets.

7000+ Assets Supported – ELLIPAL supports a crazy number of digital assets. So, you never have to worry about your favorite coin not being supported. Some more popular cryptocurrencies we spotted were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, EOS, Tron, and much more. The full list can be searched here. 

Defi Benefits – ELLIPAL Titan benefits from its mobile app companion. As the device can remain offline without sacrificing the convenience of exchanging cryptocurrency. Users can earn interest from their Crypto, perform coin swaps, and trade securely anytime, anywhere.

Physical Features

The metal frame measures a sizable 118 x 66 x 9.7mm. ELLIPAL Titan’s front face is taken up by a 4-inch touchscreen display, while the backside features a built-in 5-megapixel camera. ELLIPAL Titan has a much more premium look and feel when compared to its predecessor. 

It also sports a substantial 1400 mAh battery with standby times up to 259 hours. At the bottom of the device, there is a magnetic charging dock. 

The magnetic security adapter comes equipped with USB Type C and Micro SD port for major upgrades. 

How Secure Is ELLIPAL 

With any digital wallet, security is important. Any bug or backdoor can leave your crypto holdings exposed. 

ELLIPAL has set in place solid safeguards that protect users’ devices from physical attacks. Moving away from a plastic body to metal. Isolate the hardware wallet from any outside connections, in other words, keeping the Titan air-gapped. 

The Titan sports anti-tampering features. If any intrusions were felt ELLIPAL Titan would automatically delete data found on the device. 

The team has done away from wifi, USB, cellular, Bluetooth, or NFC connections. Instead relying on QR codes as the only means of communication to the outside world. 

The keys on your Titan are never exposed to other networks, allowing it to maintain a cold wallet status. 

ELLIPAL Titan also has 2-factor protection, which better protects the user’s credentials. As with any wallet, users can further increase security by setting up strong passwords and passphrases. 

In addition, multiple failed attempts at guessing this password will result in the wallet data being cleared out.

ELLIPAL Titan App?

The initial use of ELLIPAL Titan relies on the associated ELLIPAL app. The app is a one-stop crypto hot wallet to manage your accounts, make trades, and handle crypto exchanges. 

Acting as a workaround for ELLIPAL Titan. Funds are kept safe in ELLIPAL Titan without having to always interact with outside networks.

The app is packed with features as users can participate in coin swaps and earn interest on coin holdings through staking. Users can also get real-time data on market trends while also monitoring prices. ELLIPAL App is a decentralized wallet, so it doesn’t require KYC.  

From set up to everyday use, the app is very user-friendly and mimics similar UI seen on other hot wallet apps. 

ELLIPAL vs Trezor

Currently, ELLIPAL Titan is $169 which is in line with other hardware wallets like the Trezor Model T. But, is ELLIPAL Titan better? In some respects, yes, in others no. The form factor of a mobile phone-sized wallet is refreshing and makes ELLIPAL Titan easy to use. 

Unlike the Trezor Model T which can feel like hell on earth for us fat finger folks. In addition, the UX and complete disconnection from outside networks really help with limiting fund exposure. 

Although Trezor Model T is smaller in size and lacks less usability. The Model T is similar in a lot of areas but is packed with features. 

As Trezor model T is compatible with shape shift, and has multi-sig functionality. Users can also enjoy the increased portability due to its small size.  

Final Thoughts – ELLIPAL Is It Worth The Buy

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Ellipal Screenshots. Image via Ellipal Website

ELLIPAL offers a unique device that ties in with how users manage and hold onto their crypto. When compared to other hardware wallets the ease of use is a welcomed positive.  From setup to daily use, it is perfect for beginner Bitcoiners. 

The addition of ELLIPAL mobile app gives the device another dimension as users don’t have to give up common Defi benefits. 

Also, the use of QR codes as the only form of communication is smart and seems secure. The robust software and hardware protection did give a real sense of security. 

With that being said, there are some concerns when it comes to long-term support. ELLIPAL has not been around for long. We could not find a track record of the company dealing with hacks or other security issues. 

Yet, the positive customer reviews and the current effort being put into updates keeps those thoughts down. 

ELLIPAL Titan is a great hardware wallet and is worth looking into for any Bitcoiner looking to hodle their crypto.