Fold App Review: Best Bitcoin Rewards Ever?

Ready to do your online holiday shopping? Don’t start just yet! Our Fold App review will go over one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin while shopping on your favorite websites.

Fold will surely help you in stacking more sats during the holiday season especially as earning free Bitcoin gets more popular, you can passively own your very cryptocurrency stack.

Background and Company Information

Fold, the gift card crypto bitcoin rewards platform was founded in 2014 by Will Reeves. Their main mission is to bring Bitcoin to everyone and they want to do it with a focus on privacy and simplicity.

Their bitcoin rewards app makes it easy for savers, spenders, and earners to purchase gift cards and gain cashback for doing so.

Although they are a small team, their technology is incredibly user-driven and scalable with major retailers like Amazon. You can make these purchases in no time with the use of the Lightning Network and earn your crypto on the spot.

Another interesting part of the Fold app is their first-time introductory project to help people use crypto to make pizza purchases on the Lightning network.

Is the Fold App Legit?

Yes, the Fold App is completely legit. They’ve been around since 2014 and they can help you make more earnings of bitcoin by making purchases on their app. Their app allows you to buy a gift card and earn more BTC with that purchase.

What is Fold App?

The Fold App is a gem in the cryptocurrency space because it allows you to connect your online shopping experience to earn bitcoin through their reward program set up with eCommerce websites.

How Does Fold App Work?

Fold App allows you to purchase gift cards off of their platform. From their list of over 50+ stores and companies, you gain rewards immediately from buying gift cards through them.

The process is simply a purchase of gift cards through them to earn more satoshis.

The concept is extremely simple, but the benefits are great if you are already planning on buying from the companies that they have listed.

Some of the biggest names that you would see on the Fold App platform are:

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Delta Airlines
  • Nike and much more

You can expect cashback that can go up to as high as 8% and as low as 3%. The free Bitcoin that you earn on this platform can be used for the future or to just store your crypto in a safe place.

The process goes as follows, for example:

  1. Choose a gift card, like Amazon
  2. Pick the amount that you want to buy from Fold
  3. Review the bitcoin rewards you will gain purchase
  4. Click on Pay Now (or choose the Lightning Wallet, if you’d rather go this direction)
  5. You are given 20 minutes to complete the transaction and send over the bitcoin to the Fold App
  6. OR Pull out your credit card and input your information to purchase the gift cards of your choosing

Buy Gift Cards For Bitcoin Rewards

Fold’s entire premise is to purchase a gift card using BTC from your wallet or actual cash and receive rewards. Available any time you need it and allows users to make a payment using any method they chose.

You get tons of different features with the app Fold and the BTC rewards come in all shapes and sizes.

Fold App Features

Anonymous Transactions

With the Fold App, you can choose to signup and create an account or just continue anonymously. With the anonymous feature, you don’t lose any of the functionality that you would have with a signed account and email address.

The only thing you may potentially miss is if you purchase multiple gift cards through Fold and you’d like to have them centrally available for usage.

This is when you’d consider creating a Fold account, but that is not always necessary if you already have accounts with the companies that you are buying from.

Multiple Types of Rewards

Daily Spin

Fold app has a daily spin feature that lets you spin the wheel once a day to win free bitcoin, new and special deals, and even unexpected prizes. You have the ability to spin every day of the week and bitcoin rewards this way. Unfortunately, you can’t receive BTC through this option without having an account with Fold.

The sorts of prizes we’ve seen are earning up to an extra 1% on cash back, free sats up to 1M, or nothing.

Fold Card: What is Fold Card?

This card is completely based on allowing users to earn bitcoin on all purchases. You are able to see an average reward rate of 3% on every purchase, 5% on Amazon rewards, 10% high yield rewards, and a $50 BTC sign-up bonus. Great way to get more bitcoin back!

One of their biggest rewards with the Fold Card is that you are entered in a sweepstake to win 1 bitcoin on every purchase that you do with the debit card. This definitely gives a new meaning to staking sats.

Along with this, they provide tailored plans for you that can help you maximize your bitcoin back. There is an intro card that is completely free and the other debit card that is used as a Premium card. With this debit card, you only need to spend $150 to supercharge the number of satoshis you can earn.

Check Out More On The Fold Card Here!

Instant Cash Back (up to 10%)

On every single one of your gift card purchases with Fold App, you will automatically a certain level of cashback regardless if you use the lightning network or just a credit card. With Fold, their entire catalog of gift cards will have you earning cashback immediately. This means you get satoshis for the purchase and grow your wallet!

Flexible Payments

Fold App actually lets their users pay through two different ways one their platform. Whether that be through the Lightning Network or Credit and Debit cards.

Because of vendor processing fees, you may have to expect much lower rewards in using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. This option is for those people who don’t have any Bitcoin that they want to part with, but still want to get the rewards of Fold.

Fold App Cost & Fees

Fold does not have any costs involved with accessing and using the service. Each card that you buy on their platform will equate to the value that you are buying the card for. Just like every gift card, but you earn free sats while doing it.

To purchase gift cards from the Fold app, you don’t need a credit card or debit card, but you can use the Lightning network to make all of your purchases.

Fold is incredibly flexible with the orders and can easily withdraw the bitcoin your earn. The only details you need to ensure is that you have the best address to send the satoshi to and you have stacked a minimum of 50,000 sats to withdraw.

Just to provide some clarity 1 sat = 0.00000001 BTC. Earning this much sats on their platform is not very difficult and you can start your way to earning more bitcoin every day.



PEI app doesn’t make you purchase a gift card to earn bitcoin, but the platform is based helps you stack bitcoin from PEI’s direct partner purchases. Every company that PEI is partnered with provides a certain cashback opportunity and even the products that PEI has on their website will let you earn bitcoin.

Whenever you buy on websites, make sure that you have your PEI extension available on your browser so that you will know exactly what can get you more cashback. PEI is another option to cashback and doesn’t involve using a gift card or debit card.

Yet compared to Fold, it still lets you achieve your bitcoin stacking goal. It offers a great chance to fill in more opportunities for websites that Fold may not cover.

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Unlike the Fold app, Lolli doesn’t work off the purchase of a gift card to receive rewards. Their app is centered around earning Bitcoin through the use of their app on partner websites.

Lolli can be immediately compared to the extension, Honey, due to the ease of use and earning bitcoin on their wallet after every order. Lolli doesn’t take direct payment either, it’s more of a referral link being used with every purchase.

The amount of benefits you can get from Lolli is great and is a good idea to consider using both apps whenever you make purchases. You’ll be getting bitcoin when you purchase a gift card with Fold and may receive a reward of bitcoin when you use Lolli extension.

These two offers allow you to have the best of both worlds.

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Pros and Cons


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Makes earning Bitcoin super easy


  • Fewer chances to earn more bitcoin without an account

The Real Review: Fold App Review

A company that cares about solving real problems, user experience, and their customer’s privacy will always be a great combination in the marketplace. Fold App does all of this and more with the ease and simplicity that every good app should have.

The value that you get from using Fold is definitely great especially when you consider all of the free bitcoin you earn and the bonus reward system that they have built up for their users.

Fold App definitely gets an A in our book and could very well be something you can look into and learn more about.

Interested in learning more about the Fold App? Check out our link below!