Lolli Review: Earn Bitcoin While You Shop!

Lolli Review

If you ever shopped online, you’ve probably noticed a coupon field asking to enter some sort of code to earn a discount.

Smart shoppers scour the internet looking for the best code to get a discount. It’s annoying to work but who doesn’t like to save money and earn bitcoin? The Lolli extension was made for just this purpose! 

It eliminates having to look for promotional codes and gives users an automatically generated code. In exchange, you earn Bitcoin for shopping with one of their affiliated partners.

This article will introduce our Lolli Review how this application is helping consumers like you and me earn BTC for shopping.

What Is Lolli?

Lolli was created with the mission of helping consumers earn bitcoin while they shop. Similar to Honey or Wiki Buy, the platform rewards users for shopping through its partners.

The reward as mentioned prior is not cash-based but instead is with Bitcoin.

How do they benefit you may ask? Lolli partners with brands to help drive sales and conversions. When you shop on one of those partner’s sites, they get a certain percentage of each sale. 

How Does The Lolli Extension Work?

Lolli partners with top merchants and the browser extension lets users earn Bitcoin when you shop through those partners.

A % of every sale is rewarded back to your free Lolli BTC Wallet. You can transfer Bitcoin sent to the Lolli wallet to your hardware wallet.

Use your Bitcoin earned to buy products from other merchants or HODL. HODL is a popular term for holding Bitcoin. For those looking to cash out Lolli makes this easy as well. To cash out users should have a minimum balance equivalent to $15.

The site does use Satoshis (Sats) to measure payments. Sats is one hundred millionth of a single Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

This makes things incredibly easy to start earning Bitcoin on every purchase and redeeming your coins once you are ready!

Lolli follows in the footsteps of other Loyalty rewards programs. The major difference is it’s on a mission to showcase the power of the alternative currency.

Where To Get Lolli App?

The quickest way to get Lolli is to download the extension onto your browser. It’s supported for most major browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Currently unavailable for Safari.   

  • Visit the Lolli website 
  • Click on “Get Lolli for Chrome”
  • Download and install Lolli

Lolli Crypto Sign Up

Lolli can be downloaded as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Once completed, you will be asked to create an account with them. 

This can easily be done by signing up via Facebook. If that method doesn’t suit, you can also create an account using your email address and setting up a password. 

How To Use The Lolli App?

Once the Lolli browser extensions are installed, you’ll be brought to a clean interface. Here users can see a list of Lolli partnered stores and the refunded percentage Bitcoin users can earn for buying with them.

Users may also notice the Lolli icon pop up on their favorite online stores. 

  • Activate the extension 
  • Shop on partnered stores, 
  • complete your purchase and bitcoin will be credited back to you.

The key to using Lolli is to shop with Lolli partnered stores. Once the purchase is successfully made, Lolli tracks it and sends Bitcoin directly to your wallet.

Bitcoin can usually be seen a few days past the merchant’s refund period. The time this takes varies by merchant and is typically 30-90 days after your completed booking or initial purchase.

Lolli BTC Wallet – How Does It Work?

Lolli created its own wallet so users can hold the Bitcoin earned while shopping. Lolli Bitcoin Wallets are considered to be “Hot” (A wallet connected to the internet), it’s good for temporary holding.

Long term holds should be stored in a hard wallet. If you plan on doing frequent transfers, a minimum $15 threshold is required.

You can also cash out your Bitcoin to USD but for a $0.25 fee. 

What Brands Work with Lolli?

Lolli currently partners up with 500+ top brands. The deep bench of big brands is where Lolli shines. Users can expect to see Retailers like Walmart, Office Depot, Macy’s, Chewy, Finish Line, Nike, and Best Buy just to name a few.  

Lolli’s huge list of partners will help increase the likelihood of users earning more Bitcoins. Users will benefit as new brands join Lolli to widen Cryptocurrency’s adoption.

Can I earn a lot of Bitcoin with Lolli?

The answer to this question depends on your shopping frequency. If you are not a big online shopper you may earn bitcoin here and there. On the other hand, consumers with a huge reliance on online shopping will benefit greatly from Lolli.  

Remember your earning Bitcoin back no matter what price is on the things you buy. It’s way better than just getting 30% off your next purchase. Its currency with actual value so as you buy bitcoin only accumulates. As the value of bitcoin increases so will your earning potential. 

Your earning potential increases more when you refer or invite friends. Each party is eligible to receive $10 worth of Bitcoin when the referred customer buys from a supported partner.

Lolli Pros and Cons


  • Earns you a percentage of bitcoin every time you shop with one of their partners.
  • Very easy installation process
  • Absolutely free to use
  • You can uninstall and delete your account at any time
  • Easy to use application
  • A large list of growing partners


  • Bitcoin isn’t received immediately
  • USD transfers currently get charge $0.25 fee
  • Minimum $15 cash out
  • Currently only available in the United States
  • Missing a native app (but the site has mobile functionality)
  • Wish more coins besides Bitcoin could be offered

Our Final Thoughts 

If you are an online shopper of any kind and you’re trying to get some extra Bitcoin, the Lolli browser extension is worth it. It’s free, requires zero effort to install. It is a simple way to earn bitcoin from something you’d be doing anyway. 

What’s great about the Lolli is the deep bench of partners they work with which means you’ll have increased ways to earn Bitcoins. We expect more users to join the platform, as alternative currency becomes more widely adopted. 

As of the date this article was created Lolli hasn’t been around for a long time to earn a strong reputation for its payouts. So, be mindful of that but from our use and initial reporting, everything has been moving smoothly. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I use the Lolli extension on Amazon?

Lolli isn’t a partner at the moment, so the answer is NO. This can be subject to change, Lolli is always adding new partners. In the meantime, alternatives like Walmart or Best Buy are part of the program. 

Is Lolli Safe and Secure? 

Lolli takes security very seriously; they have network safeguards in place to ensure your balance is safe. By keeping your Bitcoin in Lolli wallets, they will have you covered. Of course, there is nothing better than having your Bitcoin in a hard wallet offline away from everyone else.  

Personal data isn’t tracked or sold to third parties. According to Lolli, they want the business model to be very clear and maintain the relationship between themselves, merchants, you the customer.

Can you exchange Bitcoin for Cash? 

Yes, you can transfer the Bitcoin earned into Cash but expect to see a $0.25 fee. The minimum threshold that must be reached to make those transfers is $15. 

Is Lolli Available Internationally?

Lolli is only supported in the US at the time this review was reported. We have heard of plans for potential expansions to the UK or Canada but there isn’t any real data to support this. 

VPS can also be used with Lolli as long as the user is in the US.

What Platforms Support Lolli?

Lolli can be used on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. They obviously want Lolli to be accessible to as many people as possible. So, there are plans to support browsers like Brave in the future.

Does Lolli Extension Support Mobile?

Lolli doesn’t have a native app which is a bit of a bummer, but this is also in the works. In the meantime, users can browse and shop on mobile. Logging into your account and shopping from the store section should activate the Lolli tracking feature.