MCO Visa Card Review – Spotify, Netflix & 8% Cashback MCO Visa Card is trying to solve the common barriers that come with Cryptocurrencies’ wide adoption. Which is spending your cryptocurrency in a safe and secure manner. With up to 8% rebates on services like Spotify, Netflix, and Airbnb just to name a few. 

Features such as these are giving users a good reason to replace standard debit and credit cards with MCO. 

But is it worth it? In this post, we review MCO Visa Card and unpack all it can provide. 

MCO General Background created an ecosystem where users can exchange, invest, earn, and yes spend their crypto. MCO cards play a big part in that system. 

MCO Visa card is flagship product. First launched in Singapore MCO was created with the goal to drive real mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Eliminating some of the more common barriers seen with using cryptocurrency in an accessible way. 

Challenges such as the high cost involved with buying and trading crypto. The limited gateways for making direct payments or easing the difficulty levels for new crypto users.

Rapped in those challenges is the added sense of security when using your crypto funds.

The MCO Visa card enables users to spend any cryptocurrency they have across 50 million merchants globally. Essentially, the card can be used wherever Visa is accepted.

This isn’t the only feature MCO cards provide. When users Stake CRO ( native token) on the Exchange you’ll get additional benefits.

MCO Visa Card Highlights 

Spending Rewards – Cardholders can receive up to 8% back on spending doesn’t matter where it could be locally or overseas. No minimum or maximum spending required. 

Design with No Fees In Mind – No annual or monthly fees, no-fee ATM withdrawals, no foreign transaction fees.

Purchase Rebates – Users can enjoy a 100% rebate for Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and airport lounge access for selected card tiers. Purchase rebates are reimbursed to the USD equivalent.

Deposit Crypto, Get an Instant Loan – Users can get instant loans on their deposited crypto. Crypto is used as collateral and entern receives stable coins such as TUSD, PAX, USDC, or USD in return. There are no worries about late fees, credit checks, or deadlines.

Staking with CRO?

MCO Visa card sports all the highlights cardholders would want but with a catch, users must stake native coin CRO. Users who buy and hold CRO must do so for 180 days or a 6-month period. 

As we mentioned in the MCO Visa card highlights section the staked CRO provides additional benefits. The more CRO users stake the more benefits they’ll receive.

Gaining access to higher-tiered cards means better perks. Some of these perks include: Earning higher interest, barrow at cheaper rates, pay less when trading, and earn referral rewards. 

After 6 months, CRO can be freed up to be sold and exchanged. Also, users can top up their staked CRO but doing so will restart the 6-month staking period. 

Just like any coin in the crypto space, the coin can be subjected to high volatility. Users could set limit stops to hedges against any substantial market volatility.

The stop loss could automatically sell all of your CRO in the case of major market swings. Just understand that CRO value isn’t indicative of future profits or losses. 

What Are The MCO Card Tiers?

Sprinkled throughout this review are some of the highlights MCO Visa card provides, but this is based around 5 card tiers.

MCO Card tiers range from the free Midnight blue to the more premium Obsidian Black card. The user who chooses to stake a large number of CRO tokens can move up the card tiers as shown below. 

Obsidian BlackIcy White / Frosted Rose GoldRoyal Indigo / Jade GreenRuby SteelMidnight Blue
2,500,000 CRO250,000 CRO25,000 CRO2,500 CROFree
Current CRO Stake* For Each Tiered

Every card can net users up to 8% in cash back on all transactions. The cashback is paid in CRO tokens for the equivalent fiat currency. CRO Rewards are paid to your Wallet App.

As long as CRO is being staked, certain cards can get you 100% rebates on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, and 10% on Expedia or Airbnb bookings.

MCO Visa cards have no interest charges, annual or withdrawal fees. We listed the subscription rebates that come with the cards below: 

Midnight Blue – 1% CRO Rewards

Ruby Steel – 2% CRO Rewards, Spotify, Netflix 

Royal Indigo /Jade Green – 3% CRO Rewards, Spotify, Netflix

Icy White/ Frosted Rose Gold – 5% CRO Rewards, Spotify, Netflix, prime and 10% on Expedia

Obsidian Black – 8% CRO Rewards, Spotify, Netflix, prime, and 10% on Expedia or Airbnb bookings.

Some users may want to try out the Midnight Blue card first as it is free and offers 1% in rewards. But the higher tiered cards provide access to better benefits. As the rebates for Netflix, Spotify and other perks are too nice to ignore. 

MCO Visa cards have some great use cases for international travelers. The card doesn’t charge international transaction fees and has a great interbank exchange rate. As it lessens the loss when exchanging to foreign currencies.

Signing Up for MCO Visa Card & KYC

Users can Sign up to Exchange or by downloading the app and completing KYC. During the registration process, users will be requested to provide their full name, government-issued ID, and selfie. 

This is typical for most KYC processes, once done your application will be pending the team’s review. It is a case-by-case process and can take a couple of hours or days to fully process. 

Referral Program – recently added a referral program that provides a signup bonus for you and friends that sign up through your link. The bonus CRO rewarded is locked in a CRO Wallet which is unlocked by staking CRO for the MCO card. 

MCO Visa Card Supported Countries first launched its MCO crypto-to-fiat card in Singapore but has gradually been making it available across the world.

The card is available in the US, Asia, European Union (EU), and has begun preparations to launch its cards in Canada. 

Is Secure?

Undoubtedly users will be using platform and not just the MCO card. So, is the platform secure? has been making moves to secure the platform. is one of the first to reach CCSS Level 3 (Crypto Currency Security Standard). 

100% of user cryptocurrencies are held offline in cold storage. The team automatically encrypts all traffic. Has additional internal controls in place to protect users’ funds. For US residents, cash deposits are FDIC insured for up to $250,000. 

Just like most crypto platforms, offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to further enhance the protection of data. also has a bug bounty program to spot potential security flaws. Now, this doesn’t mean is unbackable but it does show that they take security seriously. 

MCO Visa Pros & Cons 

From Ruby Steel to Obsidian cardholders the savings on subscription services during the 6-month staking period is a nice perk. Netflix ($13.99) and Spotify ($9.99) come out to $143.88 in a 6-month period.

Coupled that with that earned CRO on all transactions makes for a solid deal. Also, for international cardholders, MCO Visa cards have some great use cases. 

It’s an ingenious move by the team at to require users to stake for benefits. As it incentivizes users to hold onto the token thus increasing and maintaining CRO value.

We took issue with the long staking period and the volatility that can be experienced when staking CRO token. 


  • Based on the CRO Stake Cardholders could get paid up to 8% APY on all transactions
  • Free monthly subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify
  • No interest charges, minimum balance, annual or withdrawal fees
  • Has card tiers, which means options for everyone. 


  • Long mandatory staking period to get benefits 
  • Risk in losing on the current value of CRO token, if it drops cardholders can lose money

Should MCO Visa Be Your Next Crypto Card? 

MCO Home page Banner

The answer to this question depends on your level of expertise. For season traders with a good amount of cryptocurrency. Every single card offered solid perks.

Cardholders can’t go wrong with 100% rebates on top subscription services like Netflix and Spotify. Getting up to 8% in CRO rewards on every transaction, and the unlimited lounge pass is a nice touch.

Obviously, if you read the review this is just the tip of the iceberg. MCO Visa card does what most in the crypto space strive for. That is to make a crypto card with great real-world use cases. The point of this card is to make crypto spending in the real world easier. 

Yet, this doesn’t come without risk as the benefits received are based on the value of CRO that’s staked. Living users up close and personal to the volatility seen in the crypto exchange. Essentially putting your initial deposit at risk for 6 months. 

If you have basic crypto knowledge maybe stick to midnight blue as it doesn’t require you to stake CRO to obtain it. You can benefit from 1% cashback and there are additional perks that international travelers can enjoy. Like the competitive Interbanking fees.  

This card is best for those with cryptocurrency experience. So if you plan on getting the MCO card, know the basics first.

Overall, the MCO Visa card is worth the signup and we can’t wait to see what else has in store.