StealthEX Review: The Ultimate Private Exchange?

Are you looking for a way to instantly make fast and secure swaps of your cryptocurrency with privacy, safety, and usability as top priority?

Then you’re in luck because our review of StealthEX will be able to showcase how the platform does just that.

Background and Company Information

StealthEX was founded by…actually we don’t know who founded the platform! All we know that the project was launched in October 2018. According to its Crunchbase, the company is headquarters in Majura, Marshall Islands.

Where exactly is that? Just north of Australia in a very small sunshine filled island, Asia-Pacific.

The company does its best to keep a low profile and doesn’t publish much personal information about itself. But the product does what it says and nothing more. This allows for incredible convenience in getting your currency swaps.

What is StealthEX?

StealthEX is the ultimate form of anonymous and limitless cryptocurrency exchange out thereby letting you trade your Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency on its platform) to another easily and simple. Their main value proposition is that it is free from needing personal data and your privacy is their top concern.


  • Everything that they promise, they do it
  • Easier to use than most of the best exchanges out there
  • Streamlined process


  • Extremely Hard to Trust…at first 😉
  • Cannot buy any coins on the platform 🙁

How Does it Work?

StealthEX is an incredible platform, but due to its nature of stealth and lack of information providing as normal companies do these days, there may be some apprehensiveness before actually taking the plunge on StealthEX.

The platform is a four step process that involves:

  1. Choosing the currency that you are ready to make an exchange for. For example, a Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange and you will register the amount of Bitcoin that you want to exchange.
  2. Entering the correct wallet address that you want the exchanged funds to be sent to. Make sure if you have anything in the memo field or other fields that they are updated correctly to ensure there are no problems with the funds being sent to you.
  3. Depositing your funds into StealthEX platform and wait for the exchange to take place anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.
  4. Once the transaction is over, you will see a status update screen that the transaction has been completed and you can go ahead and check your wallet for the updated currency.

This is how simple the process is to exchange with StealthEX — all the while, their algorithm is working very hard to find you the best rate to make the exchange with and get your funds to you as soon as possible!

StealthEX Features & Benefits


The number one reason why someone would be using StealthEX is the ability to achieve anonymity in your exchanges of cryptocurrency. According to StealthEX, your information is never shared with any third-parties and all the exchanges are instant.

No store of deposits on StealthEX which allows safety of your funds from accessing any hot wallets.

Limitless Exchanging

Another great benefit of StealthEX is that you don’t have any limits on how many exchanges you can do on the platform. At a minimum, you will have to convert the network fees of the coin if you wish to make a small exchange.

This means that you can make exchanges every day without any limit barrier set as other exchanges do on their platforms.

24/7 Support

StealthEX even provides a 24/7 support line on their website in case you need some extra assistance during your transaction. This provides the extra feel of comfort knowing that you have someone to reach out in the event of questions or concerns.

This extra bit of support shows a lot of professionalism with StealthEX as a solid exchange but really speaks to their philosophy as a company to give you the best experience possible.

StealthEX Cost & Fees

As an exchange, there are fees that are associated with using StealthEX. The platform leverages its connections with Binance, Bittrex, and Kucoin to make the trades. You will easily see that the costs with StealthEX may appear to be lower than what you will find on other Exchanges that charge heightened prices for the network fee and their own fees for exchanging.

Typical exchange fee on StealthEX is 0.4% per exchange plus the network fee that updates in real-time. Outside of these costs, you will not experience any other fees from StealthEX.



Another great option for obtaining cryptocurrency, ShapeShift combines the best of both worlds in its ability to add zero commission, spread, and trading fees within their platform.

If you’re looking to trade your Bitcoin and want to know a company that you can stand behind, then ShapeShift can be a great option to consider when you’re trying to trade your cryptocurrency.

Paxful Logo


Paxful’s platform allows you to buy and trade cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer fashion but does require you to create an account.

Even though this may not be as anonymous as StealthEX, it allows you to make purchases using all sorts of assets you may have.

In our review, we go even further on the platform and how it works here: Paxful Review

Localbitcoins Logo


LocalBitcoins can be a great way to get your foot in the door if you are looking to buy Bitcoin through a third party and makes it incredibly easy to do so.

LocalBitcoins may be better for buying than it is for trading, but if you find a seller that will do so this can just as similar to StealthEX.

Get more details below on LocalBitcoins.

Pros and Cons


  • Everything that they promise, they do it
  • Easier to use than most of the best exchanges out there
  • Streamlined process


  • Extremely Hard to Trust…at first 😉
  • Cannot buy any coins on the platform 🙁

The Real Review: StealthEX Review

StealthEX provides all its users an easy and fast way to exchange cryptocurrencies. If you are familiar with Defi platforms like UniSwap then StealthEX is pretty much right in line with this sort of project.

StealthEX definitely has a long way to go before it’s accepted in the mainstream, if it ever is, but their product does everything that it needs to.

If you’re concerned with using the platform, try to test out small trades before you commit to anything large, but once you find out that it is legit, you’ll be back for more trades!

Using the platform is very simple, easy, and to the point. Once things are updated completely, you get the summary of the transaction and can go about your day.

If you are remotely curious in trying out the platform, feel free to check out the link below.