Unstoppable Domain Review – Is .Crypto Bitcoin Future?

Unstoppable Domains provides a simple way for users to send cryptocurrency to one another. But it doesn’t end there, users can create, and host their own websites free of censorship.

All of this tied to your very own sellable domain name. Oh yeah! Did we forget to mention that you maintain full ownership? 

If it sounds intriguing, trust us it is. In this review, we cover Unstoppable Domains offerings and how it changes the way users interact with cryptocurrency.  

Who are Unstoppable Domains? 

Unstoppable Domains has been building domains with the use of blockchain technology since 2018. Matthew Gould founded unstoppable domains with the goal of providing a user-friendly way to send and receive cryptocurrency. 

The company is based out of San Francisco and has offices in Kyiv. In Unstoppable Domains short history the team has had over 300k+ domains registered, currently supports 70 cryptocurrencies and 24 digital wallets.  

There is a small yet quickly growing team-building platform free from the centralized space we currently occupy. 

Unstoppable Domains Breakdown

Unstoppable Domains initially focused on providing a more succinct process for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. 

Rather than depending on the traditional alphanumeric and wordy crypto address. The team found a way to map a readable name to multiple crypto addresses. Similar to services like Cash App and Venmo, users can simply type in a name to perform the crypto task easily. 

Yet, mapping crypto addresses to a readable name isn’t completely secure. So, Unstoppable Domains decided to create a registry of decentralized domain names. The domain names can be stored and managed on the blockchain. 

The domain named can be brought, claimed, and tied to the user’s wallet private keys. Through their private keys, the user fully owns the domain name for life.

The domain name cannot be altered or revoked by other organizations without the owners’ consent. 

Below we listed some highlights Unstoppable Domains provide users with their service. 

Unstoppable Domain Highlights  

Sending & Receiving Crypto on .crypto or .zill domains – Users can send and receive to multiple crypto addresses on one easy to read domain name.

Domains Are Non-Fungible Assets – Just like a piece of art or hyped-up sneakers .crypto and .liz domain names are considered assets that can be auctioned off. Users can mark their domain as for sale on Unstoppable Domains or sell it on OpenSea.

No Fees or Reliance Centralized Ownership – Unlike centralized domains who rent out .com or .org on a yearly basis. Once a domain is purchased and claimed users retain full ownership of their domains. Pay once and it’s yours … forever. This means no one can just decide one day to revoke or take down your content. 

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Supported – Cryptocurrency payments received can be sent to a single domain and mapped to multiple crypto addresses. This feature automatically reroutes cryptocurrency to the designated crypto address. At the moment there are 70 cryptocurrencies that can be chosen. 

App Integration – Unstoppable Domains integrates with a number of apps like wallets, Decentralized web search engines, emails, and more. It is a growing feature that we suspect will only grow in the years to come. 

Launch Blockchain Domain Website – Users can take control of their own .crypto or .zil domains and build censorship-resistant websites. The site is served up via IPFS, IPFS is a storage file system that will host the site. 

IPFFS has a unique way of storing website content which makes it hard for any 3rd party to interfere. Using Unstoppable Domains Browser or chrome extension you can access your .Crypto websites. 

What Is A Blockchain Domain?

Similar .com or .org blockchain domains are a decentralized domain where records are stored on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are known for its two major highlights:

1. Blockchain domains replace crypto addresses with easy to read names. Users can simply add a crypto address for popular coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or ripple just to name a few. 

By tying all these addresses to one domain, now other users can type that domain into a wallet and send it. It removes pesky mistakes dealt by long-stranded crypto addresses for a Cash App like user experience. 

2. Blockchain domains can be used to build an uncensorable website. Traditional DNS based websites are not truly owned by the purchaser. 

DNS sites are controlled in a centralized manner by ICANN. ICANN maintains the record of the domain ownership. They are then stored on your behalf by custodians like Godaddy or Namecheap.

Blockchain domains don’t take part in this centralized system. Instead, domains are stored by the domain purchaser and are stored in their crypto wallet just like Bitcoin. They can’t be removed or altered without the private key. 

Buying & Claiming Your .Crypto on Unstoppable Domains

Buying Domains

First, head over to Unstoppable Domains and create an account. Users can then look up the domain using the Unstoppable search tool. Get creative and type a name into the search bar. 

You can choose a domain in either .Crypto which lives on the Ethereum blockchain or .zill which leverages Zilliqa blockchain. Zill domain names are cheaper and sports faster tractions times. Whereas Ethereum is more expensive but supports wider integrations with web3 tools and marketplaces. 

Once the domain is chosen and added to the cart, you can proceed to checkout. If you choose not to buy with store credit then payment options available are PayPal, card, or crypto. 

Claiming Your .Crypto or .liz Domains, Why It’s Important?

Once you purchase a domain of your liking in either .crypto or .zil you’ll be requested to claim the domain. Claiming your domain is important as the name you purchase lives in the Unstoppable database until it is claimed. 

Using an Ethereum wallet like Metamask. You can claim .Crypto and move it from Unstoppable name servers into the Ethereum blockchain.

At this point, you can fully manage your domain and maintain control. Until it’s claimed, full control of the domain doesn’t belong to you. 

You must have the private key in order to manage your domain. Similar to cryptocurrency your domain is tied to a private key. Not your keys, not your domain.

Claiming Domains

First off, We recommend signing up for Metamask wallet for claiming and storing .crypto domains. Metamask Chrome either wallet extension Integration works seamlessly with Unstoppable Domains. you can directly connect your wallet to UnstoppableDomains. 

If it is your first time making a Metamask wallet, then it’s important to Store your seed phrase in a secret place. You don’t want to lose your seed phrase or get into the wrong hands. As we mentioned earlier Not your keys, not your domain.

The process of claiming a domain is essentially you pushing the domain into the blockchain. Pending claims doesn’t take long and once done you retain full custody. 

Step 1

On your profile page Click the Menu Icon and choose My Domains. This section will present you with all domains purchased that either claimed or unclaimed. 


Select one or more domains that you want to claim. Once done, press the Claim .Crypto button and follow the onscreen prompts. 

Step 3

You can claim your domain with Coinbase, MEW, USE Wallet, or WEB3. Select Web3 if you wish to connect Unstoppable to the Metamask wallet. From here users will be prompted to verify the connection and you’re done.

Note: Users can claim domains using a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. 

There are a myriad of ways users can claim domains, but this was the most straightforward approach for us.

Unstoppable Domains & OpenSea

OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles. Unstoppable Domains allows users to list and sell their domains on this platform. The OpenSea integration makes it easy for sellers to sell their domain. 

We believe that .Crypto has a huge potential to be an interesting asset similar to .com domains. 

Unstoppable Domains Review – Final Thoughts

We registered a few domains and plan on obtaining more. Through our use, we recognize that Unstoppable Domains is offering a product that’s very unique.

From sending, receiving, or creating your own decentralized website it’s exciting to interact with crypto in new ways. 

Clearly Unstoppable Domains has borrowed ideas from services like Cash App and the interweb. Improving on these ideas to give users the freedom to do as they please with their domains. 

Although Unstoppable Domains is in its early stages as a company. In the coming years .Crypto will become a true asset user can sell. Just like the early days of the .com era, we have yet to see its full potential. 

Just like Bitcoin, what started off as an easy solution for sending cryptocurrency will no doubt grow into something more. If you’re reading this, you probably recognize this as well. So, don’t hesitate to join, it’s going to be a fun ride.