Uphold Crypto Review: Is It Actually Legit?

Background & Company Information

Uphold is a cryptocurrency exchange that is dedicated to helping people eliminate the friction involved with exchanging currency internationally. They serve over 180 countries across over 30 currencies their solution is here to assist global investors trade and invest. 

Uphold was founded in 2015 by J.P. Thieriot, a Yale University alumni who have founded many other companies in the real estate, agriculture, and technology sector. With a very passionate and dedicated team behind Uphold, they don’t only support investors with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, but also investments in Commodities like Precious Metals. 


  • Safety and Security in their systems is top-notch
  • Zero-Commissions Model provides the most bang for your buck


  • Not enough products for people looking to benefit from earning interest or trading
  • KYC/AML can cause certain hold-ups if your account doesn’t pass it’s the automation

Is Uphold Really Safe?

Uphold is incredibly dedicated to security as they say that “Security is in our DNA”. Securing your assets and investments is of their utmost importance and it’s inherently designed and built in the systems and throughout their entire staff.

In order to join Uphold, you must be a fully verified member, a free membership that is focused around keeping your transactions safe and secure. They also enforce the usage of strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication to ensure protection for you and your investments.

Uphold Safety measures are based around: 

  1. Access and Encryption
  2. Auditing and Testing
  3. 3rd Party Due Diligence
  4. Personnel Standards
  5. 24/7 Security System

What is Uphold?

Uphold Wallet is the Solution!

Uphold is built around supporting Individuals, Businesses, and Developers all alike.

For Uphold’s Individuals, look no further than their Uphold Wallet. Their Uphold Wallet is able to be used for buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies directly with a credit or debit card quickly. Also, they have direct bank connectivity in over 30 countries which helps to streamline the purchase of these assets.

Not only can you buy cryptocurrencies, but it’s a multi-asset platform that you can trade national currencies, metals and much more. 

For Uphold Business Clients, Uphold Wallet allows you to instantly receive payments and secure them all on their platform. Easily leverage their open API in your systems and gain access to their Uphold Merchant Services, which gives you access to international markets without typical high cross border costs. 

Imagine that this service is like Paypal, but allows you to manage your funds and payments without any delays, exclusive low-cost currency conversions, and holding your funds with no cost involved.

For Developers, feel free to read further for how Uphold can help you integrate payments solutions in your software.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported?

Supported cryptocurrencies

There are over 30 cryptocurrencies that you can buy, hold, and trade on Uphold. You can find the full list of supported Uphold Crypto, but here are a few: 

  • XRP (XRP)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • Digital Cash (DASH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Uphold Bitcoin

Uphold App: What’s On It? 


Additional API Partners on Account

Uphold app gives you additional opportunities to improve your experience with the platform by adding different API partners to your account. 

For example, if you are looking to do asset-backed lending, you can add a SALT Lending API so that way you can keep your crypto and get cash from SALT Lending all through Uphold.

Or if you would like to connect your wallet to a tax preparation platform, you can do so with Koinly or CryptoTrader.Tax and instantly download your tax forms without needing to do the hard work yourself.

Uphold Fees: Deposits, Withdrawals, Trades

The fees associated with Uphold are separated into 3 different kinds of fees: Service Fees for Uphold, Web Wallet Fees, and Exchange Fees. We will separate the explanation of these fees by utilizing parentheses. 


Uphold allows you to deposit your funds from banks, credit/debit cards, and any other sort of private wallets without any costs. Completely free of service charges to deposit your money. (Service)

However, if you are using Debit or Credit Cards, then you can expect a fee of 3.99% to be taken out of your funds. (Web Wallet)


Uphold does not charge withdrawal fees if you are withdrawing your funds to banks or to private wallets on the network; however, the use of the SWIFT network in certain European countries will experience a $20 USD fee per withdrawal. (Service)

Standard Network Fees for withdrawals to crypto networks will be included. (Web Wallet)

If you are moving funds off the platform via crypto, then you will experience a $2.99 charge. (Web Wallet)

If you are moving funds off-platform via bank transfer, then you will experience $3.99 and other 3rd party costs may apply as well depending on your bank policies. (Web Wallet)

Trading with Uphold.com

Uphold allows you to pay anyone (on their platform) in any way possible instantly and free of charge worldwide.

Uphold has a zero-commissions set up for buying and selling assets on Uphold’s platform. What you see is what you get when it comes to price and buying. No undisclosed spreads, all fees are pre-set from the pre-trade setting.

What does this mean? Are they 100% free? 

No, they do add a small spread into the price of the asset in the review stage, the standard fee is around 0.8-1.2%, but they do stand on the premise that they are “significantly cheaper” than their competitors. 

Pros and Cons


  • Safety and Security in their systems is top-notch ~ Allows you to really feel a bit more comfortable while on their platform and with your assets if you are someone with a lot of your investment going through cryptocurrencies and alternatives
  • Zero-Commissions Model provides the most bang for your buck without having any surprise fees elsewhere


  • If you’re looking for any more in-depth investing solutions like earning interest or leverage trading on your currency, you will have to look elsewhere
  • If you’re looking for something with less KYC involvement, then you will definitely have to look elsewhere

The Real Review: Uphold Crypto Review Conclusion

For the future, we see Uphold as a potential company to be very big in the cryptocurrency space. We are betting on this belief because they have an extremely solid and capable group of people leading the company, dedicated to the alternative investment space, and entice people to use the platform more with their low fees, zero-commission model. 

We love Uphold for its transparency and providing us all the information we need to know upfront when wanting to make a decision on what investment to buy. Also making it free to transfer funds on their platform and their currency swap solution makes it incredibly easy to be an international seller.

If you are looking to give Uphold a try, check out the Uphold Wallet here.